Zombie: A Mindless Affair at Antena

antena pilsen Zombie: A Mindless Affair at Antena

Celebrations that invite us to observe a historical occurrence are still strongly practiced in contemporary culture. Halloween, as celebrated in America, profoundly depicts the strongest features from gothic and horror literature, film, TV, and graphic arts. Among the repertoire of traditional characters, the zombie distinguishes itself for possessing the biology and behavior of a normal human being, yet lacks consciousness. This exhibition uses the vernacular of the mythological zombie as a starting point to engage in ideas of death, mindlessness and symbolisms for the occult and inexplicable. The term zombie also intends to address issues referring to the mindless self in a social spectrum: leading and following; acts of automatism and fanatic behaviors.

Zombie: A Mindless Affair
Curated by: Edra Soto

Zombie Artists:

C Through Outfit (Erik Brown, Catie OlsenCarl Warnick and Dawn Reed), Deborah Boardman, Nate Lee, Jason MenaMindy Rose SchwartzAmanda Browder, Derek Chan, Christopher Simkins, Christopher Smith, Ann Toebbe, Harold Mendez, Paul Nudd, Noah Berlatsky, Vladimir Kharitonsky, Dan Peters, Gretel Garcia, Susannah Kite Strang, Rachel Hewitt, Corinne HalbertBert Stabler, Beatriz Monteavaro, Miguel Cortez, Edra Soto, Candace BricenoDeath by Design Co. (Teena McClelland and Michelle Maynard), The Wiener Girls (Sydney Croskery and Katey Rafanello), Betsy Odom, Jen Thomas and Bobby Lively, Chris Hammes, Andrea Jablonski and Jeff Libersher, Irene Perez in the Also Project Wall Space.

Opening Friday October 23 from 6pm-10pm – November 21, 2009

images and text provided by Antena

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