Li Wei

li wei on the surface of the earth Li Wei

Li Wei sure likes falling into dangerous situations. When seeing his photographs for the first time, you might think the work is a photo montage, when in fact it is not. Somewhere between photography and performance, Li Wei uses props such as metal wires, scaffolding, acrobatics and mirrors to create illusory realities. According to Li Wei “art is to play with gravity. I act like a meteorite falling into something. I wish I could indicate a situation of danger, just like the condition of human beings.”

Li Wei works in Beijing, China. He has showed his work in Marella Gallery (Italy), Galería Espacio Mínimo (Spain) and The Artist Network (New York). His work has been featured in Wynwood Magazine, Wallpaper and Flash Art.

042 01 liwei falls to the car Li Wei

085 01 liwei falls to 2007 12 27 Li Wei

Images courtesy of the artist

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